Last year I chose the word “efficiency” as my word of the year. I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions, but I wanted to have a focus for the year.  Efficiency is so important for small business owners – there’s generally not a lot of excess time or money or patience when you are growing a business. With efficiency in mind, I feel like I was able to capture some key strategies to support my own growth as well as my clients’.


I’m happy with some of the efficiencies I’ve built into my own business, like organizing my work day and choosing time saving tools. I’ve made some changes to how I use my computer (dual monitors are the best!) and have a new home office. I’ve supported my clients in their growth by managing their day-to-day accounting tasks and implementing processes to streamline their operations.


I’ve been thinking about my 2019 word over the past few weeks. There are so many to choose from, but “balance” is one that popped out at me. I don’t know where this will take me exactly, but I know that balance between work and personal time and energy is important….and probably lacking for me right now. I know that balance within my work day will help me be more productive. I know that balancing short term tasks with long term goals will drive my business forward. I don’t know how to achieve all of these balances, but I hope to have a clearer vision as the year progresses.


Wishing you a happy, healthy and balanced 2019.




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