What do you do, exactly?

There are many reasons that business owners reach out to me. Most often it’s because their business is growing, and they need support with keeping their bank account organized before their taxes are due. Bookkeeping can suck a ton of time and focus out of your day and recognizing that you will be more productive if you outsource that task is a huge first step.



Meeting with potential new clients is something that always causes me to pause and consider how I explain my services. The easy answer is “I am a bookkeeper”…but in reality I am much more than that. So what do you do exactly? How do we work together? What services do you provide? Well…let me explain!


Generally, when I work with a client, the service is primarily bookkeeping – or at least it starts that way. The level of support I provide varies – it will always include income/expense entry, (where I will take your receipts and invoices and input them into accounting software). I can do this onsite or at my home office, it really depends on what works best for you. Often, it’s a combination of onsite and working from home – where I’ll grab hard copy receipts and input them as needed, and then we set up a system for me to have access to soft copy receipts. I’ll reconcile your accounts and I’ll send you a list of things that I need your feedback on. This might take 15 minutes/month or 4 hours/month – it depends on the number of transactions that hit your bank account every month, and the complexity of your transactions (ie if you are selling product through multiple vehicles versus providing a service).


Your business might need more than just income and expense entry, and I can help with that too. Those extras might be helping you plan cash flow or payroll management or paying your bills for you or following up on outstanding invoices. I do all of that!


I often become part of your team – you might assign me an email address for your business or give me a desk at your office or include me on your website. Or maybe none of that (my feelings won’t be hurt!)….it really depends on how much support you need. Each small business needs something different – so we’ll figure out how I can best support you.


Something that I always stress to potential clients is that I will not prepare or submit your year-end taxes. I leave that to your accountant, who is an expert in tax filings. I am happy to give you a few names of Accountants that can help you with your CRA obligations and will ensure your books are in order before handing them over at tax time.


Each small business is unique, and so my service offerings are customized to ensure that you are getting what you need. Because I have worked with a variety of clients and have a strong corporate retail operations resume, I have an extensive knowledge base of operational tools to share with you to make your business as efficient and successful as possible. I love seeing small businesses succeed and will do what I can to support your growth.


“A big business starts small” – Richard Branson